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reallife 9th October 2006 08:47 AM

some complaints.
1. First of, are we ever going to get support for closed captioning?
2. when i jump ahead (ten seconds) my osd settings is just ignored after the jump and the new osd settings are finished i usually get it back like it was, sometimes i dont this is really anoying.
3. why are screenshots of DVDs in the wrong aspect ratio?
4. when i play a non-dvd file and i close the lid on my laptop (not going in standby) bsplayer is able to remember where i was, but i do the same thing with a dvd and i jumps back to the last "saved" location, we need to be able to either set this ourself or it needs to save more often, like everytime i press pause.
i used to use powerdvd because of that, but now i just use the bookmarks feature, but i would love to be able to just close the lid on my laptop without thinking about it.

5. bsplayer wont play dvds anymore it just says "Open Device" and its greyed out, mplayerc and vlc plays dvds just fine, so whats wrong i really need to play my dvds, this happened after a reinstall of windows and everything.

Yeah, turns out installing an older version solved the dvdplayback problem, however, i got the newest version to play dvds if i inserted the dvd while bsplayer was runing, but that was too anoying also it did for some strange reason crash everytime i added a bookmark.

other than that, thanks for an extremely perfect mediaplayer, I use it everyday, thanks alot. (i've also forced other people to use bsplayer and they're all happy with it :)

Tizio 9th October 2006 11:28 AM

Hi reallife!
I just edited your posts and merged them in only one post in he right section :wink:

I assume you are using BSplayer PRO:
1. If the closed captions are sent with the teletext stream, then you can open the teletext window and see closed captioning there..
Otherwise this can be added to the feature requests section!! (let me know)

2. Unfortunally I can't reproduce this...


4. Already added to the wishlist: (search for DVD)

5. Since it happened after a Windows reinstall, probably you forgot to register BSplayer (full DVD support is a PRO feature and need BSplayer to be registered)
Try to register BSplayer again, and if the problem persists, then I suggest you to uninstall completely BSplayer (by removing also BSplayer folder under C:\Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\Application Data\BSplayer Pro) and then reinstall it (and remember to register it)

Tizio 9th October 2006 11:31 AM

And remember that if you have still problems (and you purchased a legitim copy of BSplayer Pro) you can ask for support also to BSplayer support team here

reallife 9th October 2006 12:06 PM

I did register and i did so with a full legit license i purchased not too long ago.(under another email address) and as i mentioned installing an older version did the trick, btw between installations i did remove only the webteh folder, didn't think about documents and settings, but as i've allready mentioned a few times, it worked when i installed an older version, so I'm not sure what the issue was, but I'll make sure to try and upgrade later :)
yeah i did try pressing teletext, but it didn't work at the last dvd i tried with, i could try again when i get home

thanks for all the replies, I'll redirect my wishes to the feature request forum.

again, thank you so much for such a wonderfull product its just perfect, seriously i cant explain how satisfied i am with this player.

Tizio 9th October 2006 12:47 PM

But with closed captions do you mean subtitles?
If the answer is yes, then they are fully supported (AFAIK) can you post here the filters used by BSplayer when decoding DVDs (right-click -> Options -> Filters -> Advanced)?

For the other problem, when you'll have time, try to delete that folder too under documents&settings (as I previously suggested)..

BTW, you are right, BSplayer is really a great player, and BST (and other BSP members) are doing a great work on it!!

reallife 9th October 2006 01:27 PM

I'll get that information for you as soon as i get home today! :)

reallife 9th October 2006 06:28 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Cyberlink Video/SP Decoder

Pack\filters\, Size: 520192 bytes, Version

CompanyName: CyberLink Corp.
FileDescription: CyberLink Video/SP Filter
FileVersion: 6.0.1921
InternalName: CLVSD.AX
LegalCopyright: Copyright (c) CyberLink Corp. 1997-2002
LegalTradeMarks: CyberLink Corp.
OriginalFilename: CLVSD.AX
ProductName: CyberLink PowerDVD
ProductVersion: 6.0.1921
Comments: CyberLink Video/SP Filter

Pack\filters\, Size: 417792 bytes, Version

FileDescription: ac3filter
FileVersion: 1.01a
InternalName: ac3filter
LegalCopyright: Copyright © 2002-2004 by Alexander Vigovsky
ProductName: AC3Filter
ProductVersion: 1.01a
Comments: Direct show audio decoder and processor filter

teletext option was greyed out, no help in deleting the folder in documents and settings either.

btw, normal subtitles work, but not closed captioning and i have alot of dvds with closed captioning only

reallife 19th October 2006 07:01 PM

sorry, but i have to bump this thread

Tizio 19th October 2006 07:20 PM

Ok, now I know what did you mean with Closed captioning :P
I think this feature is not implemented yet, I'll add it to the wishlist here :wink:

Tizio 19th October 2006 07:22 PM

BTW have you solved the not-playing DVDs issue?

reallife 20th October 2006 01:28 PM

Yeah, its all working now, think i mistyped something when i entered the registration or something if that makes it not play DVDs, everything works like it should now :)

Tizio 20th October 2006 01:41 PM

I'm happy you were able to fix it :D
Anyway your request for closed captioning has been added to the wishlist, Bye :wink:

reallife 21st October 2006 01:05 AM


I also discovered another problem, AnyDVD 6.0.7 does not work very well at all, users with problems should upgrade or downgrade the 6.0.7 release is unstable and buggy, it took some time for me to realize that alot of dvd playback problems were caused by anydvd, at first i thought the DVDs were broken, but they werent, 6.0.8 works great though, i dont intend in any way to advertise.

im sorry but again i have to say thanks for such a wonderfull mediaplayer, there is nothing better out there, i LOVE this program.

Tizio 21st October 2006 01:07 AM


Originally Posted by reallife
i dont intend in any way to advertise.

no problem for me :wink:
(but I'm not the admin nor BSP member :P )

reallife 2nd February 2007 08:52 AM

It has happened again, but this time nothing seems to resolve the issue, the symptoms however has:

1: most dvds actually start, but the video windows just remains black.
2: bsplayer is able to read the rundtime of the current title (usually the menu)
3: bsplayer freezes completly.

I have tried with anydvd, and, i also tried without anydvd, with it was just dead so those three symptoms are from after installing, but as i said it didn't work at all without.
i was using bsplayer pro 2.12 yesterday, 2.14 today - when i also upgraded anydvd.

I like bsplayer alot, so using VLC is not fun, i need some help here!

(and yes the dvds im trying to play works fine on other computers, and since vlc is able to play the DVDs theres no hardware issues here)

Tizio 2nd February 2007 09:30 AM ?

reallife 2nd February 2007 11:23 AM

Hah!, i figured it out.

it seems avi2dvd caused some problems, after uninstalling it worked perfectly again! the reason i didn't try it right away was i forgot i had it, and i havent used this computer to play dvds for a while. thanks for the link, i checked the filters just to make sure and it said avi2dvd in one of the foldernames so i removed it, and voila it worked. :)

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