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erick_ftg 12th November 2007 07:09 AM

I cannot open some files
I have some video files which are of course played on BS player that I cannot open. Originally I downloaded these video files from Internet on one computer and they play great on that one. But the problem is that I copied them to another computer and they don't open in that computer. The error message that appears is "Can't open file" , just like that.

Each video file has two others with same name but with different extensions because one is for hearing the Japanese language, and the other is the English subtitle. I ll' put an example of these files:

[AHQ] Love Hina - 01- Hot Springs
[AHQ] Love Hina - 01- Hot Springs.idx
[AHQ] Love Hina - 01- Hot Springs.sub

There are 25 sets in total (episodes). The first file is the one I click when I want to watch a episode. The second one is for hearing the Japanese and the last is the subtitle.

Both computers have Windows Xp and both have the same version of BS Player, and they both have already played other video files perfectly.

All the files are in the same one folder.

There is a file called "[AHQ] Love Hina 01-26 + Specials + Again 01-03.sfv" According to my research this file is verify the integrity of the downloaded file (because all the episodes came in one file). I am not sure if this file has something to do at all with this problem, but who knows.

Thank you for hearing, or rather reading, my problem, and please help me in this one.

adicoto 12th November 2007 07:50 AM

You forgot the most important thing. The extension for the video file. Is it .avi ? .ogm ? .mkv ?
sfv it's indeed a verification file.

erick_ftg 13th November 2007 09:01 PM

The files are avi.

adicoto 13th November 2007 09:47 PM

Wich codecs are installed on the computer that you can't play the files ?

Can you post here wich codecs are used when playing the files on the first computer (open a file, rightclick->options->filters) ? XviD or fffdshow ? And the audio ones are also important.

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