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BSPeter 15th August 2008 05:49 PM

Bugs re GUI/translation of BS.Player VERSION 2.3x
(checked upto build 970; Edit 28-08: upto beta-version 231.971, on skin still indicated as version 2.30)
Main window

:arrow: Selection of Radio and TV tags opens ML-window, but always on position of MS.Media as it was last used instead of on the appropriate media.

:arrow: Such selection, however, has no effect on the extension at the right of main window. There the background of Radio and TV tags should switch to lighter grey like it does for another selection and - if applicable - they should slide back to initial position, i.e. be "reattached directly to the main (blue) window" (if such is not the case by the earlier selection of another tag (video/dvd/audio)).

[Repaired in build 970: Menu / "Open URL" pop-up window
> "Cancel" button untranslated]

Menu / Subtitles / ... / Subtitle editor

:arrow: Title "Subtitle" in bar at top (Start/Stop/Subtitle) not translated

Menu / Options / Preferences > Video > ...[General]

:arrow: (In my system) selection of "Internal video rendering RGB 'Overlay'" is followed by English-ony error pop-up: "No RGB Overlays supported"

Menu / Options / Preferences > Keydefinitions & WinLIRC

:arrow: Border of button "Reset to default" should be background matching grey or transparant

Menu / Options / Preferences > Filtermanagement with [Shift]-key depressed

:arrow: Space unnecessarily too narrow for translation of "Use internal AVI parser". Should be wider.
@colleague-translators: as a work-around I translated:
___120=Internal filters
___121=Use internal AVI parser
in Dutch as:
___120=Use of internal filters
___121=Internal avi parser

Menu / Options / Preferences > Media library

:arrow: Space unnecessarily narrow for translation of [WID40] / 11=Build thumbnails in background

Media Library

:arrow: No translation for "Maximize/Restore"-button (top-right)
and immediately below that (at the magnifying glass):
No translations for Search, All, Title, Artist, Album and File path

:arrow: Translation of [WID43] / 53 "Extended view" (in rightclick menu) not used.

:arrow: Following the selection of a playlist the translations for "Title" "Artist"and "Album" (whichever applicable for any BS.Media selected) at top switch permanently (=as long as ML remains active) back to English.

:arrow: Selecting Add playlist > Add new playlist opens an English-only submenu "Add playlist"

:arrow: Bottom-part (switchable) of "Audio mode"-window can also be shown when in "Radio-mode"

:arrow: After clicking "Refresh" BS.Player reports (English-only) "Fetching list"


Further adicoto already earlier reported (here) the following
:arrow: missing translations in "missing codec or incomplete downloaded file" window:

"Unable to play media file"

"BS.Player cannot play the media file.
You don't have necessary codec installed, file may damaged or not media file."

"Click 'Find codec' to try to find codec."

"When checking for codec also send the file header"

That's it for now folks! :wink:

(previous post "BS.Player 2.2 bugs re GUI/translation" overhere)

BSPeter 17th August 2008 12:24 AM

In addition to adicoto's earlier findings:
all further windows/messages of codec manager (meanwhile tried) also untranslated.
Old version of ..... was found on system.
It is strongly recommended to uninstall this version.

BS.Player codec manager
Available codecs
Name - Status - Version available
Information/Description - Licence - Website
Uninstall selected - Refresh - Install selected

The following filters will be installed:
Do you want to continue?

(and some other message at the end which I forgot to note down)

BSPeter 22nd August 2008 02:22 AM

As in fact reported by artam in this post the (pop-up) sub-menus "subtitles" "font" "aspect ratio" and "volume" of full screen version of main window (i.e. control panel) are English-only.

Ico-man 12th September 2008 09:23 AM

GUI / translations
I hope we got them all. Will be included in upcoming beta.

Codec manager is not yet translatable atm.

BSPeter 13th September 2008 03:35 AM

(Same as for Keydefinitions & WinLIRC:)
Menu / Options / Preferences > Subtitles (Primary & Secondary)
:arrow: Border of buttons "Font", "Color" & "Background" should be background matching grey or transparant

BSPeter 14th October 2008 05:46 PM

Most (not all) of the above bugs SOLVED in version 2.32.975
Will make a new post. Therefore "unstickied" this one to enable it to float away over time.
Also locking it to prevent unwanted bumps.

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