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turbodood 2nd December 2008 05:35 PM

bsplayer color controls/nvidia forceware
I should start by saying the color controls of BSplayer are one of my favorite features of it because of the numerical representation --- not just some approximate slider. I can remember the settings I like, and go back to them.

But that comes at a price because there are just a bunch of problems.

I currently have the 178.24 driver which is the latest official one which supports my card, and I think 169.21 before that.

The biggest difference though is only that the VMR mode's controls would continue working longer than the current ones --- of which the VMR mode's controls don't work at all.

Here is the problem. There are any number of different programs --- powerdvd, the amazon unbox player for examples, that if they are running before BSpalyer has initialized a window, the color controls just don't work at all. If bsplayer is closed, they won't work when it is re-opened. --- unless those other programs are closed first. The difference is those programs color controls do work irregaurdless.

Then there is VLC media player's (which by the way I would use a lot less if I could simply open more than one bsplayer session at a time) --- if its color controls are used, it basically permanently breaks BSplayer's color controls for the remainder of the windows session --- have to restart to get them back (which again since I can only open 1 bsplayer at a time usually means I have to finish watching a bunch of mpc or vlc clips or lose my spot).

If I had a choice I would leave my system on all the time or make it hibernate (and there's another thing bsplayer has to be closed befor hibernation or that breaks the color controls to --- also makes it crash when it comes back up).

I suppose I should have mentioned at the top I'm using version 2.24 still but, I've seen nothing in the changelog that appears to address this.

I realize your response may just be that its the video drivers fault but --- since these other programs don't have the same problems, I have to think there is something that you could do to fix this.

adicoto 2nd December 2008 06:44 PM

First of all, in options -> preferences -> general, enable "allow multiple instances" and you can much as BSPlayers you want at the same time ;)

Second, on some systems there are some incompatibilities between nVidia drivers and BSplayer. I never had problems on my computers, runnng ATI, Intel and SIS cards (even onboard). So, my advice is to find a set of drivers that don't cause problems or to use internal renderer (default) instead of VMR.

turbodood 2nd December 2008 08:40 PM

Thanks for the tip on the allow multiple instances. I guess I never thought to look for it because well, I don't remember ever seeing that --- and why would it be off by default? This did create another problem though, but less major, having multiple equalizers floating around not knowing which player they are for. I guess I could just keep showing/removing them but, is there a way to get it to dock to the main controls?

I guess I thought my frusrtations would convey the issues with the renderer. I've tried them. Basically the default one, and overlay mixer are the only ones that work at all on the current version. VMR never does. Oddly, overlay mixer has to be used for lower res, non-HD videos.

The concern here is this is getting worse over time. The problem with downgrading is basically, the older nvidia drivers don't work anywhere near as well on my HDTV I get resolution switching problems --- still have a major one if I accidentally hit a key while its in hibernate and I'm not on the tv's input, well I basically just have to shut it off because the video will refuse to resume, but thats unrelated.

The problem though is just other programs screwing up bsplayer's ability to do whatever it does to adjust the color --- which like I said since other programs don't have that problem well -- I can only hope its fixable. Being able to run multiple instances will eliminate some of my need to run VLC but --- I mean I think I just remembered even WMP11 stops the color controls from working, which is required for a lot of streaming content its just frustrating.

turbodood 4th December 2008 01:53 PM

For the record the allow multiple instances option didn't help because the color controls only work on the first window.

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