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djraven911 15th February 2009 11:47 AM

Doesn't remember pan-scan in secondary display vista

I have a 19" lcd and a 42" FHD Lcd TV. Latest version of bsplayer always starts the video in half size of the screen and when i press + i see it's almost half - of the 0 point of the pan-scan. Everytime i start a movie i have to manually adjust with + the pan scan up until 0. I checked and unchecke all seetings of remembering zoom and pan scan etc. Nothing works. The bsplayer is set to start automatically in full screen on my secndary TV. Seems that in this case something is not working properly.
How can i set it to start at 0 pan scan? Just like all my others players like VLC, WMP, Classic MP, start the video at original size.

Thank you,

I'm using Vista SP1 Ultimate and Nvidia 7950GT.

BSPeter 15th February 2009 03:56 PM

If (instead of using [+]-key) you depress [5] of numeric keyboard, does that "repair" your problem?
Also deselected "Remember movie window size"?
And "Remember movie settings" (under 'General')?
Any Nvidia drivers updated recently (attended/unattended) or changed settings? Using Clone mode or
(Depending on version of drivers I think you should be able to select your secondary display as your Full screen device.)

BSPeter 15th February 2009 04:10 PM
(Rather old post, but nevertheless)

djraven911 16th February 2009 03:38 PM

Still same problem.
I Checked the options like you said. Now it's a little biger but still far from filling the tv display.
Regarding the other reply, there's no clone mode and video mirror in vista unfortunately. Well clone mode it is but only using the same resolution on both displays therefore impossible to use. Video mirroring is not working for Nvidia under vista anymore.

Im usig dual view mode, and i have bsplayer remember the secondary display and is starting always in full screen.
If it would start also in normal size would be great. Im saying normal as all my other players like VLC or Windows Media Player or Classic MP all start the videos ok except of BSplayer.
Normally i use vlc as i managed to set it to start in full screen on the secondary display but at some 1080 movies it's moving like im playing need for speed pro street on a geforce mx 400. Don't know why when my processor Intel E8200 is used under 15%. However bsplayer plays everything ok and i would prefer it.


djraven911 16th February 2009 03:42 PM

PS Pressing 5 doesn't resolve it but:
Pressing 5 doesn't resolve it. Though this is very weird to me:
If i press [5] it shows OSD pan scan 0%. Then if i press + it starts increasing from -25%??? How is it starting to increase from -25 when if i press 5 it says its pan scan 0? Then if i keep pressing + and i reach the 0 point like this the image is perfect size on the tv screen.

BSPeter 17th February 2009 12:04 AM


Originally Posted by djraven911 (Beitrag 36053)
Video mirroring is not working for Nvidia under vista anymore.

I 'wasn't aware of that, but found numerous forums on which this abandoned feature is discussed. Seems a poor and regrettable, but apparently rather final decision.

djraven911 17th February 2009 08:08 PM

So what about my initial problem?

djraven911 21st February 2009 11:10 PM

Are you gonna solve this problem or just take money for this software?
So will you get the hell ur as up on vista and forget about your unix smartass and make a software work by testing it in all operating systems and don't use this fkin excuse "oh im sorry im not using vista therefore im not responsible for vista malfunctions" hah? do u think 99% of your users that buy this shiit pro and pay $ for it are using unix? or is it the other way round? why the hall are u even saying it supports windows? it supports windows if u open maybe the main windows and look at it without playing any video lol

smart as'!

let me see u answer this thread now :)
come on give me ur best politics diplomaic bullshit. i will gladly disassemble it all :) my 7 years specialization is in international diplomacy and politics bro :shade:

adicoto 22nd February 2009 08:11 AM

BSPeter it's a user, like yourself, who it's here to help with his experience. He is not a part of the developpement team, he isn't spoecialised in computer proggramming. So, you could at least show some respect as he try to help you. As for not having vista installed...I personally don't have a vista licence to install, so I won't be able to test and confirm the bug you presented. And there is more...I don't have nVidia cards to test the
So, let's go back ontopic. Do you use EVR as renderig method ? If you swich to overlay mixer, does this work ? Do you have UAC disabled, so the sttings BSPlayer saves can be saved ?

Tizio 22nd February 2009 10:07 AM


Originally Posted by djraven911 (Beitrag 36142)
come on give me ur best politics diplomaic bullshit. i will gladly disassemble it all :) my 7 years specialization is in international diplomacy and politics bro :shade:

Really a diplomatic answer

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