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alex_integral 4th May 2009 03:20 PM

winlirc + bsplayer = not works sometimes
Sometimes BSPlayer is not responding at ~90% keypresses of remote control. I can press one key 10 times,
and only tenth press will be successfull. However, winlirc icon changes color (means command is received
and recognized) every time I press a key.
I noticed, that problem depends on video file type BSPlayer is worked with. If this is AVI container, no problem
with the remote, every key is working fine. With MKV containers I see the trouble described above.
May be it is because AVI video in most cases have small bitrate, and MKV is HD video, more CPU resources needed for playing? Hope this hepls.
BSPlayer 2.34 build 980 from 15.12.2008 (earlier version have the same trouble)
AMD 2300x2, ATI Radeon HD 3450, WinXP SP2

Tizio 5th May 2009 08:34 PM

Probably, as you have already said, it's because of the high CPU power needed for the decoding process. Try to raise BSplayer process priority in BSplayer preferences (CTRL+P -> General -> Process priority), set it to Above Normal, or High, and see if the player become more responsive (even if I doubt it since the same process is used to decode the stream and to parse the WinLIRC calls).
Or try to lower the player priority, maybe the commands can't be fully intherpreted by WinLIRC and sent to BSplayer

alex_integral 10th May 2009 04:47 PM

Thanks, but it doesn't help me. I used different process priority for bsplayer.exe and winlirc.exe from low to real time.
Now, experiment:
bsplayer with mkv (HD video), winlirc, cmd with 'telnet localhost 8765' command.
Each time I press a button on remote I see corresponding string appears in telnet window. But BSPlayer reacts only at ~20% of all times.
Maybe you need some logs or other things?

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