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PHNX 18th June 2009 07:50 PM

All Skins In List Shown Twice
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Another strange thing i noticed: All the skins are being shown in the list twice. I dont remember with which version exactly this began, but it kept being that way ever since.

And that affects really all skins, the default ones as well as any newly added ones. Each one is in the list twice:

BSPeter 18th June 2009 11:31 PM

Cannot confirm.
Check contents of skins folder in BS.Player's installation folder.
Normally you will find one folder named "Base" there and a number of .bsz-"files".
(Actually those .bsz "files" are archives containing similar files as those in base-folder).
I suspect your Skins-folder contains more folders than one and that the names of these folders correspond with the names of the .bsz-files.
If so: delete all "same-name"-folders with their contents except Base-folder. Then also delete the Base.bsz-file.
(Maybe you have been experimenting a bit?

PHNX 19th June 2009 12:03 AM

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I know what you mean but thats not it.

The only skin thats actually in a folder is the Base one and the rest is straight .bsz's.

(Thats exactly why it is so mysterious, because if each skin was actually present in both folder AND .bsz format then the matter would have been obvious. But they are not.)

See for yourself:

adicoto 19th June 2009 04:45 AM

Can't confirm. All show once.

PHNX 19th June 2009 06:43 PM

Alright then, unless somebody else shows up yet who can confirm the issue we have to assume that the problem pertains only to my system. Although i have no idea what part of the system might be causing something like that, especially since the skin files themselves (as the screenshot showed) are definitely not present twice.

(Which means the actual question is; where does BSP get the info for the alleged dupes from anyway? Is it erroneously being injected by the system into BSPs 'what-skins-are-present' request, or is it BSP that under certain circumstances messes up the systems 'these-skins-are-present' response?)

Anyhow, i have to test a new installer of mine and for that i need to set up a 100% fresh&clean OS. I will use this opportunity to see whether or not the dupes issue remains and post the result here...

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