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PHNX 6th July 2009 11:41 PM

[SOLVED] Player Looses Focus And Keyboard Shortcuts
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If MiddleMouseButton is set to switch Fullscreen, and you use it to switch state, then all the keyboard shortcuts stop working because the player has lost focus. Getting back the keyboard functions requires a leftclick into the picture, and this has to be repeated every time the state is being switched.

When you switch from Fullscreen back to Windowed Mode (via MiddleMouse) then the Video Window still looks focused, meaning it still has a highlighted frame. But 'technically' it isnt really focused anyway, so dont be fooled by how it looks since it can be unfocused even when it is 'optically' highlighted.

Symptom occurs not when you switch state via:

1.) Keyboard Key

2.) Fullscreen-Icon in the Players Display (Fullscreen&Windowed)

3.) Middleclicking the Player instead of the Video Area

In other words the symptom occurs only when you middleclick into the Video Area to switch between states.

Symptom occurs not with 1003 and earlier.

EDIT: Added some conditions and rearranged text.

PHNX 13th July 2009 11:29 PM

Solved as of 2.42_1007 !

Great Job BSPlayer is a delight to see how fast you people react to User Feedback and Bugreports!

Ico-man 14th July 2009 03:09 PM


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