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Cyro 3rd February 2003 06:06 AM

BSPlayer 0.8 MP42 format file not viewable...
Hello, I've been using BSPlayer for about half a month now. The main reason I downloaded it was so that I could watch my DivX movies with subtitles.

I have one movie that's been giving me grief recently. It has played perfectly before, but a couple of days ago, the movie stopped working in BSPlayer. The audio works, and the subtitles show, but the video does not (just a grey screen). The "Video Info" states that the video is encoded in MP42, and the audio in MPEG Layer III (MP3).

I don't have a clue why the video stopped showing all of a sudden. The only thing that could have caused the change is when I installed DivX 5.03 Pro about a week ago.

I've tried several of the suggestions listed here in the forum. I've installed the ffdshow codec and configured it to decode MP41, MP42, and MP43 formats. Still nothing but a grey screen in BSPlayer. The file will play in Windows Media Player, and PowerDVD (though my PowerDVD seems to be freezing up as well, perhaps related to the same problem).

I would really appreciate any counsel or help on this problem. Thank you.

kurtnoise 5th February 2003 04:06 PM

Try to install the 4.** divx codec....or 3.11 alpha

Cyro 12th February 2003 09:52 PM

BSPlayer unable to play MP42 compressed video...
Thanks for the suggestion, but why would I want to install DivX 4.xx or 3.11? I would lose the ability to play DivX 5 encoded movies. Before I installed DivX 5.03, I could watch the file no problem (I was using DivX 5.02). Now I can't find a copy of DivX 5.02, or I would have tried reinstalling that to see if it worked, but it seems that since 5.03 was released, all the copies of 5.02 are gone.

Anyways, I just want to be able to watch my movie with the non-permanent subtitles. I've discovered that MP43-encoded movies play just fine in BSPlayer. MP42 movies USED to play correctly. I don't know what happened. I'm not even sure if it's DivX's fault or not.

So, if anyone can help or has suggestions, please reply.

Quietseb 16th February 2003 01:18 AM

install ffdshow and set it to decode mp42 movies

P.S. If needed I still have copies of divx 5.0.2 (basic free and pro ad-supported)

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