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Tracy 13th February 2010 11:03 PM

cant load subtitles anymore!?
Hi, this is my first message, as Im sorry but I cant get to solve this trouble Im having with the subs issue.
Ive read all the data you ask of the program from the users and Ill try my best about it.
My version is 2.42 build 1005B released on 05 Jul/09.
I have W. XP SP3...dont think hardware is really relevant but Ive got a Sempron LE 1150 I think and 512 of RAM, with 250 GB of HDD. My graphic card is an onboard of Nvidia: the GeForce I think 6100 or 6150. Hope thats enough.

Ive been using this excellent program for more than a year without real issues, its excellent I think, at least for me it is...but now I dont know what I did, but
I open any video file and when I try to load manually the subtitles, it doesnt and even doesnt have more control on the cursor, or cannot even press alt + f4 to close it! I just close the program with the System Manager...
My guess is that it has to be related with the ffdshow used - I think - to display the subtitles
I repeat, I try to load subtitles and lose control of "machine" at all..even before I lose it I went to options/subtitles/primary/ and does not pop-up anymore the "properties of subtitles" that may help...
Please, I dont use to bother, but Im in a hurry, and I hae suggested this program to lot of people, so if they also have this issue, Id want to tell them what to thanks in advance for any help!!

Ico-man 16th February 2010 04:25 PM

"My version is 2.42 build 1005B released on 05 Jul/09."

Can you give it a try with newer version of BS.Player?

Tracy 17th February 2010 01:50 PM

Yes, youre the boss! Thank you very much, you are very right.
Solved completely now, that was it!
Thank you very much!!

hera 18th February 2010 05:45 PM

Cant load subtitules
I downloaded a movie which I couldn't play with BS player. The file extension was .vbr, so I changed the extension to .avi and I was able to watch de movie, but the problem is that I cannot load subtitules anymore. The command just doesn't respond. My sub extensions are .srt and .ssa
Please help me.

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