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Raugel 11th September 2003 01:09 AM

Green screen only with BSPlayer not WMP Zoomplayer DivxPlaye
BSPlayer used to work very well and was my default player until about 4 months ... I now get a green screen and strikes with movies I can play without problem with WMP, Zoomplayer, DivXPlayer, Winamp, RealOne ...
I have already deleted all the codecs installed with Nimo ansd I have also installed ffdshow ... I have also uninstalled/re-installel BSPlayer without result ...
I know that it's not the fist post on this topic, but I don't understand what I should do when it's clearly not a codecs problem since I have no problem with the other players.
I am sorry to ask to the experts to repeat once again their lesson(s).
Thank you in advance.

BSPeter 11th September 2003 07:49 PM

Lots of posts about green screen. Did you try the Search button with "green" as keyword?

Raugel 11th September 2003 11:21 PM

Thank you for your help ....
Yes, I had already searched "green screen" but the answers seemed too confusing ...
I had already tried the ffdshow ... Following your hyperlink, I have tried to change from overlay 1 to overlay 2 ... but I got only a BLACK screen wityh overlay 2.
The only solution seems to go back to the 0.84 version.
However why the BSPlayer authors do not fix the bug if it's obvious that there is a bug?

BSPeter 12th September 2003 12:39 AM

So, what version are you actually using?
Latest version is 86 build 501 of Sep 6, 2003.
If you are on an earlier version than 500: first install 500
and subsequently place the substituting files of build 501 in BSPlayer's installation directory overwriting the exisiting files with the same name).

(another link:
Further: is "Use DivX 4 decoder for ..." on "Video"-tab of preferences checked/selected?
Finally: what type of video (compression codec used) is it? Xvid?

Raugel 12th September 2003 10:20 AM

I had the build 500. I have installed the 501 one with no result.
I have selected "Use DivX 4 ..." with no result.
I have (re?)installed Koepis Xvid last stable version with no result ...
Following your link I have also tried to use Koepi's AviFourCC ... with a very bad result: the movie was rated as DX50, I changed it, BSPlayer reacted by announcing that it was corrupted and now I cannot get back the initial parameters and I cannot see the movie not only with BSPPlayer but with the other players with which I could see it!!!
Since I am not alone to have this problem, I think that BSPlayer has either a bug or a problem of compatibility with another program.

Raugel 14th September 2003 12:19 AM

BSPlayer works well until the build 486
After having tested the last versions I have found that BSPlayers works well on my computer (WinXP) until the build 486 included and produces a green screen from the build 488 onwards.
I am ready to do more tests to help the writer(s) of the software finding the cause of this problem.

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