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Lan 27th December 2003 05:14 PM

Playing faster? (details in topic...)
First of all, I don't want to "fast-forward" the video, here's what happened:

Recently, I've downloaded a video that plays slower in Windows Media Player, it look like the sound plays fine, but the images are way behind the audio, and it's not fun to hear things before happening :roll:
Someone said me that problem have to do with bad encoding, making the video slower in some processors or something like that... anyways, I messed a bit with the options in Wmp and managed to see it (with annoying settings of 50% view and downgraded audio, it was hard to read the subtitles :( ).
Yesterday, I was viewing a series, and the very same problem came, but instead of a 'bad encoding', the problem continues in the later episodes, I guess they simply changed the encoding options halfway and just... didn't noticed it :cry:
Well, after getting angry, I tried playing it in BsPlayer, and noticed great improve in the speed :D but it stills slows down a little bit sometimes... maybe there's some settings I could change so the video 'plays faster' and I can see it like the older ones?

Also, a little question: in BsPlayer any Avi I open (didn't tried with other types yet, mostly because I don't have them) outputs with a black line on the bottom of the window, and the top part is cut out of it :? I wonder if there's a way to fixing it?

Thanks for the attention =)

adicoto 27th December 2003 08:38 PM

At first question: if you have an CPU something like 500 MHz there is nothing more you can do. Newer encoded files use more power than that. One sugestion I can make, try using ffdshow, seems is working smoother on older machines
At second question: try pressing the NumPad 5.

Lan 28th December 2003 12:10 AM

adicoto, thanks for the support, which one ffdshow should I install, the alpha (2003-05-22) or the common (2002-06-16) one?
And my Cpu is 1194MHz.

adicoto 28th December 2003 08:54 AM

An 1200 MHz CPU can play any file OK. No need for ffdsow.. Your problem lies in another place.
Do you have the codecs installed from a codec pack ?

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