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Johan1234 9th April 2004 08:06 AM

AC3Filter and Intervideo Audio Decoder, both failed :(
Ok, situation is this.

I have an avi with 5.1 AC3 sound on it.
I have Audigy2 soundcard, with SPDIF enabled. Connected to my Yamaha AC3 Amplifier.
I have AC3Filter installed and enabled the SPDIF on it. When i start the avi with my BSplayer 0.86 Build 501 i get perfect picture but no sound. Filters dont show AC3Filter to be even there. Only thing there is MPEG4 Xvid Video decoder. When i go to Controlpanel and change AC3Filter to let's say 2 Channel Stereo. Sound comes out normal.

So, i tried also Intervideo Audio Decoder.
I have Intervideo Audio Decoder SPDIF enabled from BSplayer options. When i play the avi, i can hear sound BUT when i go to see directly the Filters and i take Intervideo Audio Decoder i see that there is only Dolby Surround enabled. And even if i put SPDIF on and restart the BSplayer it still switches to Dolby Surround. NOTE: if i take Intervideo Audio Decoder settings from BSplayer Preferences there it shows that SPDIF is enabled. But not if i take as i earlier said directly from Active Filters.

Please Help. Thanks.

Edit: I am using an Stereo 3.5mm jack - 2xRCA and i have tried with both Red and White RCA.

Stalis 11th April 2004 06:51 PM

When SPDIF is enabled the signal must go thru an external decoder before it comes to the speakers.
You do not get any sound because you are sending a digital signal to the speakers.
When you choose "2 Channel Stereo" AC3Filter decodes the signal and puts out an analog signal from your soundcard to the speakers.

I am not sure what you meen with AC3 Amplifier but i'll guess it is a amlifier with Dolby Digital decoder (just what you need :wink: ).
Then if you want to use SPDIF the cable must be connected to a digital input on your Amplifier.
Perhaps you have to choose to decode Dolby Digital on your Amplifier but normally it changes by it self.

The cable you are using know is for analog signals and has a electrical resistence of 50 Ohm and you need a 75 Ohm cable for digital signals.

I hope there is something useful for you here or maybe I misunderstood your problem.

English isn't my native language so I hope you'll understand me :)

Bye and good luck!!

Johan1234 11th April 2004 09:15 PM

Yea, i have an Dolby Digital capable Amplifier/receiver.

That cable is a thing i must try. Would explane why i get Analog signal but no digital.

Hope it helps.

Stalis 13th April 2004 07:24 PM


NOTE!! If you got sound (Analog) it meens that your cable is connected to AudioOut on your soundcard.
You must connect it to the SPDIF output and to a digital input on your amplifier for the SPDIF to work.
Right cable is necessary too...

I'm not sure how the SPDIF-output looks like on a Audigy2 but if it's the same as Live! Player then it could be difficult to find a cable.
On Live! it's a 3,5" stereo (maybe mono) jack and I had to make a special order to Supra (Swedish Cable Manufacture) and they made a 3.5" jack to 1xRCA just for me (nice guys).
Really easy to do by your self but I wanted some quality on the cable :-)
Maybe it's a lot easier to find where you live...

Good luck!!

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