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sunnymonday 17th May 2004 07:17 AM

im about to give up....
i downloaded this program because a friend told me it was the best to capture video screens. i have not problems in capturing the actual screen size of the video (in a jpg) something i can do with other programs as well, but when i try to use the unique feature for what i downloaded the program, the "what you see" screen capture size, i can only come up with the same screen capture size in which the video came, not the bigger one in which im seeing the video (after enlarging the player screen)

i have searched in this forum and so far ive only found that you should use a non overlay option, something im not quite sure exactly which options involve and should i check. i have tried to play a little with the settings without any success. i dont know what else can i do.

Could please someone who has been successful with the "what you see option" post a detailed summary of the options he/she has checked?

my graphics card is a 3dfx voodoo3 3000D AGP in a W98 system.

Thanks in advance for any help, i have been changing settings for the past 2 hours and really im about to give up..


sunnymonday 18th May 2004 11:52 AM

no replies at all? i just need one person who has been succesful at capturing screens larger than the original size of the video. if anyone could please post his/her settings at options-preferences-video rendering and whatever other setting i need to make this "what you see" option to work.

thanks in advance.

xlv600 18th May 2004 03:22 PM

No overlay means that all overlay modes or left unchecked, is it that complicate?

In overlay mode, the picture is directly written in the video card memory, this is a write only process, so that no application can read it back.
I just tested the feature on one movie in full screen with no overlay and with Shift+P I got a 1280x533 JPG. [Alt+3] tells me it's a 576x240 DivX3 movie (that use YV12 surface).

PS: Maybe it doesn't work on every movies.
For instance I had to check Use-VMR9 to be able to take a screeshot of a DivX5 movie wich surface was "Unknown". Then I could only get a BMP and of the original size.
You have to make you own investigation and test on several movies. I thing that the main concern is the surface used for encoding the video.

TIP: When no overlay is selected, then you can use the [PrtScr] key to take a screenshot or [Alt+PrtScr] to restrict to current window. And paste the picture in your favorite photo editor. If in full screen, you'll have to crop the picture as black stripes will be included.[/i]

sunnymonday 18th May 2004 08:30 PM

thanks xlv

no its not that complicated to deduce that no checked overlay options meant no overlay, but i wasnt sure about the first two options that dont involve overlay, wait for vertical blank and disable Yv12.

anyway i already have tried your same settings without success so i think could be my video card. in VMR9 mode my pc freezes, and like i said i have played around with different settings but none worked.

thanks for your time but seems theres no solution :?

sunnymonday 18th May 2004 09:24 PM

at last! using the shift+p i got nothing but using the "printscreen" key i can capture the whole video screen no matter the size.

im using the settings suggested by XLV600. (check the cap posted by him)

hopefully my experience can help others :D


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