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Riggs_Rx 9th December 2006 12:39 PM

Player hangs for a few seconds when opening a movie
Never had this problem before, but when I open a movie (any kind of AVI, DIVX, WMV, etc..) the player drops a few frames and uses a lot of CPU all of a sudden. It does that with everthing I choose in BS player's options and when I try to skip one part of a movie file in the seek-bar, it shuts down and I get a notice that there was an unknown error in BS player.

btw this only happens in BS player, in VCL, WMP 10 it doesnt happen at all. But I preffer BS Player, because it has good subtitle and resolution options. :wink:

any one knows what the problem is?

BSPeter 9th December 2006 01:59 PM

What version/build of BS.Player are we talking about (read item (1) of my Help2Help-post) and what codec/filter is used to play your movie (last line of item (3) of my Help2Help-post).

Riggs_Rx 9th December 2006 04:56 PM

(Hey een NL'er, we zitten ook overal heh :wink: )

Thanks for the quick reply man, I'm using the latest Pro version - 2.12 build 941. The problem happend to an older build first, then I decided to upgrade and it still hasn't been solved.

About the videocodecs, it doesn't matter actualy... Every movie file has the same issue. Only when I play an MP3 or Wave file it works as it should. But I picked a random movie and here's a screenshot of G-spot info:

And here's also a screencap of all my audio/video codecs:

Tizio 9th December 2006 07:04 PM

Try to re-register quartz.dll

Riggs_Rx 9th December 2006 08:40 PM

That did help a bit, the stutter remains only less seconds this time and now I can seek a file properly again. :)

what other files can I re-register to sort this out?

Tizio 9th December 2006 11:12 PM

:) glad it helped at least a bit :P

I don't know what you can try to re-register next. I think only the codecs needed for the playback of that specific file, but I doubt the result will be better then now.. but it's no harm to try :wink:

I think you have to check first which filter is really used by BSplayer when decoding the movie.
Once you open the file right-click on BSplayer window -> Options -> Filters -> Advanced

There you can see the filters actually used by the player. Probably you'll have to reinstall them, or change the decoder used to play that file. It depends from the filter used.

Maybe it's not a codec problem, maybe your antivirus uses CPU to unpack and chec BSplayer..I don't know..

Have you checked which process really uses so heavily your CPU? BSplayer is known to be low on CPU usage and memory load.

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