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noname 8th November 2011 08:35 AM

Remembering custom subtitle position

Here's my problem: if I set up the subtitle position e.g.: 84 and I shut down the player, next time the subtitle is shown on the bottom of the screen instead of the custom (84) position.... If I press SHIFT+ UP, then it is at 89....

Any suggestions how to make BSPlayer remember AND place my subtitles at the same place (the custom 84) after closing the player ?

The other thing is: the subtitle position is different on .avi and .mkv files. Since the mkv is HD, and has different resolution.
It is annoying when I have to adjust the position from 84 (avi files) to ~120 if I wanna see my subtitle approx the same position on an mkv (720p) file...

Placing subtitle is not too good, or maybe I don't know about the solution yet, please help!

noname 30th November 2011 10:36 PM

pathetic support
3 weeks and there is still no answer to my question... What a pathetic support forum, this is one of the reasons I will never buy BSPlayer ever.... I think the question is quite simple.

BSPeter 1st December 2011 11:03 AM

I cannot reproduce your problem. When I custom-position subtitles, that position is remembered. So maybe the problem is that BS.Player cannot access its settings file. Maybe it is an UAC-related problem (users-rights/privileges especially under Vista & Win7). Are other settings, when changed by you, remembered?
Unfortunately you didn't give any info at all on your system, nor about the BS.Player version & build number you're using.
The forum is basically run by fellow-users. (I'm also just a user, no programmer nor developper.) If, based on the information you've given, users have some idea how to help you or point you to the right direction, they will do so.
Purchasers of BS.Player Pro need not depend on this forum, as they are entitled to get direct e-mail support from BS.Player-team members through the [Pro Tech Support]-button on this page.

Ico-man 1st December 2011 02:44 PM

PRO support
All PRO users are entitled to quick email technical support (usually within the same working day). Please, use the supplied link to start trouble ticket.

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