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I updated to xvid-1.0-09052004, and to my surprise, the new Koepi build actually worked after I copied the xvidcore.dll and xvidvfw.dll files to my CD root directory. However, it only works when I write to .inf file to open the player and the avi (bplay.exe "movie.avi"), and not the player and bsi file (bplay.exe "movie.bsi"). When I use an .inf file with the latter command, I get the same "unknown file format [Xvid]" error. So technically, I can get an autorun CD to work, but I am still frustrated by the fact that I can't use my .bsi information, since most of my movies are 2 or more CD's with subtitles and chapters. This is the .bsi of the sample movie I was using for testing:


The sample doesn't have subs or chapters, but if I can't get the computer to load even this simple info properly, that doen't bode to well for any
other movie I want to burn to autorun CD

Any ideas on how to get the .bsi file to load properly?
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