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Default new Bs - messes up overlay settings.

Hi every1. Bsplayer is my favorive player. Till now i used old 0.8 version because alredy everything worked perfectly for me.
But lately i noticed that 0.8 doesn't render subtitles from single .mkv file (wich, in fact ,does have suttitle stream). So i decided to upgrade to latest version. I remember when 1.0 version came out - i tried it and decided for myself that i still prefer 0.8 (sorry). So now i tried again installing 100.812 again. Well, it did render subtitle stream out of mostroska container (i have ffdshow installled also) but couse some huge problem i have no idea how to solve. As a result, i am back to 0.8 version w/o subtitles in .mkv :-(

Description of the problem:
After installing latest version, when i treid to play movie for the first time (only 1st time) - it was OK, but when i closed BS and opened another movie with it - screen way very dim - almost unvisible, - as if you turn brightness to almost zero. Then i noticed that in all other player that use Overlay as their primary surface planner (Mpc/wmp6/coreplayer/bs0.8) - also played all content very dim - almost black. Uninstalling and/or reinstallig didn't help. Then i found a way to temporary solve this- i go to display properties, and set "Hardware acceleration" on video adapter to None - this desables overlay for all players (i can see it by high cpu usage and pixelated view). Then i set it again to Full - and overlay starts to work OK normally (not dimmed). But if i try to play any file again with Bs100.812 - same trouble again.
The craziest thing that this happened to BoTH my desktop pc (P3-750/256ram/16mb video-ram) and my laptop (P2-300/128ram/4mb-videoram).

Please tell anybody what to try - i'm out of ideas.
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