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Hehe BSpeter

it's works, "a little" ...

on the bsplayer shorcut if we type the command "-deskmode" it disable the commands "-pan" , "-ar" and "-fs".
I test it and it the same if we do that manually with the player.

for example :

"C:\Program Files\BSplayerPro\bsplayer.exe" "C:\video.avi" -pan -deskmode -hide

here the command "-pan" is disable because of the command "deskmode"

we must launch at first the player then select the options "remember the windows size" and "remember zoom position".
then play the movie and select the ratio 4:3
finally close the player

if we lanch the shortcut (C:\Program Files\BSplayerPro\bsplayer.exe" "C:\video.avi" -deskmode -hide) the movie is resize correctly on the length but not on the width ...

I don't know why but it miss a small band vacuum at the bottom of the desktop ...

If we do the same operation manually with the player we have exactly the same result ... (movie 4:3 then desdesktop mode on)

it's work correcly only when we switch on "movie mode" and then switch on the desktop mode... (but we don't know how th di that with command lines ...)

what do u think ?
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