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Default New features/improvements to BSplayer

Here are some features/improvements I whould like to see in BSplayer (Thanks in advance :D ):

- Fully supported DVD Playback


- Maybe when uninstalling should be answered if the user wants to delete "Product Registration Information" ("key.reg" file), so if upgrading to newer version after uninstalling, re-registering is not required.
- Once the user register the product, the player asks to restart the application. Maybe this task should be performed by the player itself, maybe by calling another program (RestartBSP.exe, which closes BSP and then re-open it).

- I think the Teletext should work like the DScaler one works (page caching, direct links by clicking on the 3digits number pages, goto_page_number directly in the upper-left corner of the teletext, info on the number of pages/subpages cached).
- A pause/resume button to prevent flashing animations (or multiple pages in one) to steal visualization from the current page selected.
- Please add the ability to free resize the Teletext window (and thus the text in it) or at least an optional x2 zoom factor/full screen option to view an enlarged version of the teletext pages.
- Maybe when changing channel, the Teletext page shoul be reset to 100 (subpage 1).
- Ability to select text in the Teletext window (or to copy the entire page to clipboard).
- When the current page is 0 and you press the Previous Teletext page, the page should be 999 instead of 100 (or the last scanned page)... I think this is a smart way to cycle between teletext pages!
- Sometimes (especially if the selected page is visited for the second time) the selected page is not loaded and the page counter enters an endless loop...

TV Tuner:
- An option to select the Tuner line as AUDIO IN DEVICE.
- The ability to show multiple channels at the same time (only one in realtime, and the others that keep the last picture showed, eg: 4x4 minipreviews like in DScaler's PREVIEW experimental feature), with the ability to pass to the desired channel simply by clicking on the portion of video occupied by it.
- It would be great if the favourite TVtuner Device could be saved in order to automatically open it when entering Capture mode...
Since I use only one tuner device for watching tv, and since this is the function I use mostly, it would be nice if the "Open device" dialog appears only if I want to change the default capture device, not every single time I want to watch tv... Instead if I only want to watch tv, no dialog should appear and Capture mode should start automatically...
- An option to split video captured files if grater than FileSystem LIMIT (or custom limit).
- A "Scheduler settings" window/tab to configure programmed captures.
- In the Channel list window would be nice if exist buttons to move channels in list up and down.


- Add the FAQ, BSPeter's Help2Help, adicoto's List of Codecs to the installer, this way many users will be able to solve known problems by themselves.
- Improve the "Set default audio stream" for every movie also with OGM filetypes.
- Improve/add the "Set default subtitle stream" for every movie. Also with OGM (or general container) filetypes.
- An option to close the movie file/window when the STOP button is pressed.
- Auto Capture frames every x.x seconds
- Different Icons for Different Media Types
- It would be great if the menu could be customized as in BSplayer v0.8x with "menudef.dat" file :D
- Made the shutdown time editable (now it's fixed at 30 seconds).
- Display system time
Originally Posted by BST
'Show movie time' function (I) will be improved in next build, so it will be possbile to choose what to display, system time, movie name, movi time, date etc.. instead of just movie time as it is now.

Also EV_KEY_PRESS event will be supported, so plugin would get all key events.
- If we are in "Repeat all" mode, pressing the Next/Previous button when the last/first item in the list is selected, the selection should pass to the first/last item of the list.
This way BSplayer will cycle the list not only when the last item is playied.
- What happened to the project for a "One window only", for the skins??
It would be great if BSplayer could reproduce the movie directly into the skin!
- Could it be possible to add an option to insert the name of the remote in the WinLIRC button's filed as like as girder does?
- Sleep time
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