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Default BSP Definitions Manager

Hi all! Finally I was able to upload this file :) (I had problems with my connection)
After legionaru asked for the key definitions list, I decided to make this simple program (it took me only few hours! Mostly I had to understand how BSplayer saves Key definitions ):
BSP Key Definitions

* Compatible with almost every BSplayer version (BSplayer v1.01.811+)
* Displays BSplayer's Key definitions (also "Global key" option)
* Allows to Copy Windowed definitions to Full screen definitions (and vice versa)
* Allows to Blank all definitions in BSplayer
* Exports Key definitions list to text format (sorted by Action Number or Alphabetically)
* Exports Key definitions list to Girder format (take a look below to know more on this)
* Allows you to manually edit the Action names (for BSP Definitions Manager only)

How does it work?
When you first start BSP Definitions Manager, it searches by itself for the BSplayer path, and if found, then it opens the current user's BSplayer settings to read Key definitions information.
If BSplayer path has not been found, then you must select BSplayer settings manually. To accomplish this, press the "Browse for BSplayer settigs" button, and search for "BSplayer.xml" or "BSplayer.USER_NAME.xml" file in BSplayer directory or UserProfile folder, then select it.
Now you can browse between all [108+] keys, and see which shortcut is assigned to each one of them (you can't modify them, ONLY view. If you want to modify them use BSplayer instead, which is much better ).
"Copy Windowed definitions to Full screen definitions" button allows you to copy all Windowed keys to Full screen section, this is useful if you change the majority of BSplayer keys and don't want to repeat the entire task also for the Full screen section. You'll be able also to copy Full screen definitions to Windowed definitions simply by pressing the CTRL keyboard key while you click on that button.
"Blank all definitions in BSplayer" allows you to erase the definitions list of BSplayer, so you can assign only the keys you really want to be associated to BSplayer.
"Exports Definitions (text format)" will export your defined key to a text based file, this way you'll be able to easily consult BSplayer's definitions whenever you want. Un-check the "A -> Z" checkbox if you want to order the definitions per Action number instead of Alphabetically. Once you choose the destination file name, you'll be prompted to choose if you want to NOT save the blank definitions.
"Exports Definitions (girder format)" export Girder v3.x files (see below).
When you close the program, BSP Definitions Manager will save its window position and last opened BSplayer settings file, so the next time you start the program, you'll have not to select it again.
From v1.02 on you'll be able to modify the actions names by editing the "BSP_Actions.ini" file. This way you'll be able to display BSplayer actions translated in your language and also to update the list if BSplayer future versions will increment the amount of actions available.

Tip: You can copy and past in "BSP_Actions.ini" file the [Actions] section that you find in your BSplayer language file (take a look at .lng files in "Lang" folder in BSplayer installation directory). This way you'll have not to translate all those actions by yourself

Girder format:
BSP Definitions Manager exports BSplayer Key definitions like ZoomPlayer does for its shortcuts.
This means that Girder will use the SendMessage plugin to send messages to BSplayer, hence you must enable that plugin.
To enable SendMessage plugin into Girder, select the menu item "File" -> "Settings...", then in "Plugins" Tab browse for SendMessage plugin and select it. Now press the OK button.
Once you have exported BSplayer definitions, you have to assign the remote-control-keys/whatever-you-want-keys to girder commands, then you'll be able to control BSplayer the way you prefer.

Note: Exported Girder-like definitions don't change when you change BSplayer definitions, so you only need to export them once.
This because the way I decided to export them is related to the BSplayer SDK SendMessage list, and not to the more unstable Key Definitions list.

1.02 16-06-2006
+ Added the ability to copy Full screen definitions to Windowed definitions
+ It's now possible to save to file definitions sorted alphabetically
+ Now you can choose to save to file only not blank actions
+ Added editable "List of Actions" file
* The routine to automatically lookup for BSplayer Settings file now searches also in UserProfile folder

1.01 14-06-2006
* Added compatibility to almost every BSplayer versions (BSplayer v1.01.811+)

1.00 04-11-2005
* First public release

Note: When you open a BSplayer settings file which version is newer than v1.37 you'll find "UNKNOWN ACTION #xx" items at bottom of the Actions list.
These actions are:
UNKNOWN ACTION #1 = Media Library
UNKNOWN ACTION #3 = Minimize
UNKNOWN ACTION #4 = Show Main Menu
UNKNOWN ACTION #5 = Subtitles Action

It seems that there are more actions than the ones you can set (maybe free spaces for later additions/updates?). I've not updated the actions list to v2 actions to maintain compatibility with earlier BSplayer versions and don't mess up too much with the code, but from v1.02 I provided you a "BSP_Actions.ini" file you can modify to add future UNKNOWN ACTIONS and display them correctly in BSP Definitions Manager list (I suggest you to copy and paste your BSplayer language file [Actions] section in "BSP_Actions.ini" file, this way you'll have a ready to use updated actions list).

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BSP SkinMaker (v1.07) the one and only Skin Editor for BSplayer
BSP Definitions Manager (v1.02)
BS.Player's FAQ (by BSPeter) | Italian language file (v2.57 build 1051)
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