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My comp is running without any A/V, newest M$ media player or fancy XP gui (to name just a few) and crashed BSPlayer or any other program never made me reboot the entire system.

Norton disrupts most Internet activity no matter whether it is needed or harmful. Its worm protection cuts every traffic which passes thru the known malware ports, and since there is alot of malware there's no free port range you can safely use. (=disable WP)

Norton uses a lot of mem, which could be dedicated for other purposes, like compression with 7-Zip, running P2P applications (that's where the content for BSPlayer comes from) or just running more apps simultaneously. Norton makes it impossible to receive a relatively small 40 MB email if you have 512 MB of mem. (=disable email scan)

(-) You have to learn to live with Norton (or you will be missing out a part of the Internet and the potential of your comp).
(-) You have to learn not to install WhenU, run " .pif" and better not use MSIE/Outlook.

By choosing the latter you will still have to extend your knowledge in computers but will have a faster machine for free as well.

The point of this was that even a working player+filter can be made to crash if there's a lot of other conflicting software.

Edit: Cassius Clay, try to remember what applications you installed prior to when this problem first appeared. They shouldn't necessarily be spyware. To identify the cause I would run TaskInfo2000 and examine what modules have been loaded with BSPlayer and see if any of them belongs to let's say Nero, antivirus, QuickTime – anything foreign.
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