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Originally Posted by adicoto
5. Go to options->preferencies->playlist and enable full screen for playlist. Now open a file normally, not a playlist. It goes full screen, even if in option->preferences->video full screen is not enabled.
Oh, now I have understood wat you meant :)
I think it's not a bug.. since when you enable the "Full screen" option in Playlist section, you tell BSplayer to set the fullscreen option to all the Movie files you'll add to the playlist from that moment on. And since when you start a single file it is added at the playlist, BSplayer assigns to it the fullscreen option.
What Playlist-section "Full screen" option doesn't do, is to change the Fullscreen state of already added files, but only to furter added files, and in my opinion this is the right way to do this..

Originally Posted by adicoto
7. As the last 20 or something builds, TV tuner is not initialized. Some 4-5 builds did managed to open the tuner on the second attempt. It is possible that no build ob BSPlayer can initialize my tuner, but I can't remember when I got my tuner. Some 2 years ago. But at that time I wasn't so annoyed by this.
I had that problem too, I was able to initialize the tuner device only by opening BSplayer twice or similar procedures.
But since v1.37 the problem (for my device) has been solved.
I think BSplayer devs have to look furter into this since it's a PRO feature that BSplayer Pro users have paid for!

Originally Posted by adicoto
10. I intend to start a new test concerning capture capabilityes using newest codecs.
:D I'll wait for this! I'm really interested!!
oh, and sorry adicoto since I've not made the TVChannels converter, but once I started the project I was claimed to do a lot of things, and then I had been too much busy to continue the converter..
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