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- Audio: (Since tv capture exists) If for example audio source is Line-in and in "Capture settings" Line-in is selected, there is a sort of echo, this is because BSplayer sound is delayed in respect of Line-in one, and don't use Line-in sound only, but overlap Line-in sound with BSplayer sound
- (BUG?) Italian (antenna) region doesn't work in the Italian territoty (wrong frequencies? GERMANY settings works fine in Italian territory [NOTE: DScaler's Italian settings works ok])
- Once you open a page in the Teletext window, it is no more reachable until you restart the computer, every new page (subpage also) is readable (once) but already opened are no more readable since the teletext search enters an endless loop
- If the Output size height is greater than 288pixels, then while capturing the video displayed is BLACK (the file is correctly captured, but it's not possible to view the video while capturing).
NOTE!! This height value depends from the Color space used for the capture process. 288 is the one for the default color space (UYVY).
While capture if for example the color space choosen is YV12, the video displayed is black for all the video height size I tried.
- If RGB32 (but I think also for other colorspaces) color space is choosen, then the image is flipped vertically! This is due to the format in which RGB data is stored (from bottom to top), but BSplayer should be able to manage this behaviour.
- When capturing videos, if the PAUSE button is pressed the displayed captured size freezes, but number of frames captured and seconds elapsed continues counting, then re-pressing the PAUSE button the size counter continues counting, but the resultant captured file is BAD! The playback is ridicolously fast and the audio is out of sync
This appens with NO Compression filters, and ONLY if the PAUSE button is pressed.
Originally Posted by BST
Known bug, it will be fixed
BSP SkinMaker (v1.07) the one and only Skin Editor for BSplayer
BSP Definitions Manager (v1.02)
BS.Player's FAQ (by BSPeter) | Italian language file (v2.57 build 1051)
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