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Originally Posted by adicoto
Neither do I in this version. Older versions do have this bug (not in borderless window)
.. :oops: not tried with the borderwith window..
Thanks for the info


- It's unpossible to set framerates below 25fps and higher than 30fps.
- If you use the arrow-buttons (the ones at the right of the setted fps) you can raise the number of fps up to 30, then if you click again the UP arrow, the number setted starts to decrease instead of increase. This until you reach the starting value of 25fps..
It seems like the routine used here tells to increase the number until it reaches 30, then every time it's pressed furter, it tells to show the actual fps-1 (by thinking that if you click the up arrow the number becomes 31 => the routine try to do 31-1=30 [max number]) but this approch it's really bad (if implemented this way). To confirm my theory there is the fact that once you click the down arrow you are able again to raise the fps number (up to 30, or to 30 - number of times you pressed the up arrow after you reached 30.. don't know if it's always like this.. it acts really strange.. )

Originally Posted by Tizio
- If you try to do a frame-by-frame seek (PAUSE+ARROWS) when you go forward (RIGHT ARROW) for example by 5 seconds, then go backward (LEFT ARROW) and then forward again (RIGHT ARROW) to restart the frame-by-frame seeking, then all the frames after the one you ended with before restarting the frame-by-frame seek will not be displayed, only new one (all these actions have to be made without restarting the playback).
It seems that in last build something has been done, since for circa 25-50 frames all works good, but after that amount of frames, the frame-by-frame operation starts to slow down and the behaviour is the same as reported in my quoted message
- If you open the subtitle editor while a movie is playing, and when the movie is finished another movie is played, the previous subtitles lines are still ahown and higlighted in the subtitle's editor
- If you change language after the chapters are loaded the menu item caption "Chapters" becomes "Previous" and also after changing language again it behaves as the "Previous" string
- An error occours if you try to randomize the playlist, no matter which kind of files you have loaded
- When the MovieWindow's top border coordinates are minor than -25 pixels (for example if top border is out of the top screen border by 50 pixels), and the movie window is manually resized, then after resizing, the movie window new dimensions are equal to "the movie window resized width"x"the movie window resized height+25pixels", and the video image is stretched even if the Keep aspect ratio option is selected. (as said only by manually resize the window by dragging the movie borders makes this bug happens, if you use keyboard shortcuts, or the mouse wheel the error doesn't occours)

The equalizer style has changed..
- There is a grey box that covers part of the right label saying the amount of dB setted per band..

- About Window -> version, Registered to, Icons created by, (Language) by (translator), Month abbrevations
- Cancel in the "Please wait..." window
- Playlist (right pane when selecting TV tuner channels) -> tuner:
- Explorer shell menu item -> Play (is it a BSplayer item or not? Anyone can confirm?)
- (when .ogm files are opened) Menu -> Audio -> Audio streams -> -- Ogm streams --
- Free for non-commercial use (but I think that I know why you don't want to add this string to the translatable ones :Wink: )

- All the subtitle editor menu items
NOTE!! these not working translations behave weirdly.. by following BSPeter's tips I found out these steps to reproduce/fix the problem:
If I open a movie that has a subtitle file with the same name -> results the subtitle file is automatically opened by BSplayer -> subs editor menu items are ALWAYS in English.
If I open a movie and BSplayer automatically loads subtitles, the bug occours.
If I open another movie (or don't let BSplayer to automatically load subs) and then I load external subtitles -> subs editor menu items will be correctly translated
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