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Default Re: Playing movie with different audio track...

Originally Posted by CrazyT
Another thing is, that it isn't possible to fast forward (or backward) in a movie (if it is, than please tell me how ;) )
ok, that's not exactly fast-forward/backward but I think the customisable jump does the trick: go to preferences (ctrl+P), general tab; set the "seconds to jump" time (in the top-right corner)
then choose the key definitions & winlirc tab; set the "jump forward" and "jump backward" keys (near the end of the list).
there are also "seek forward" and "seek backward" shorcuts that can help (default shortcuts are right arrow and left arrow). bad thing is, when you use them the picture is not displayed.
I agree display of the video (and time) while seeking would be a useful improvement.
BTW I'm not sure a smooth backward search is possible due to the decoding process (?)

Originally Posted by CrazyT
This audio track isn't in the movie-file (if this would be possible), it's in an extra mp3-file. (...) play the movie with this extra audio track (so it takes the video stream from the movie-file and the audio stream from the audio file)
It is possible ;)
open your video file then right-click on the player and choose "open audio file" (or use the shift+L shortcut)
If you use bsi files, you can automate loading of both files. Refer to your_bsplayer_install_path\doc\ini_files.html for more details
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