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Originally Posted by perfection
1. How and where do you enter and store a command line - please explain in detail

2. As for the insert ---> object - i could not find the option of multimedia object as you described in the 2nd solution Do be more specific - i am using office 2003
Regarding the MCI thing I'll look into it, maybe it's something that could be (and must be) fixed, so probably it will be notified to the authors.
Let's answer to your questions:

1. Open a new slide. Create an action button by selecting one from the slideshow pull down menu --> action buttons (as you told me to do above) then, instead of selecting the hyperlink (2nd option), choose the 3rd one (Start program). Now you can either browse to BSplayer exe or enter manually the path to it into the blank text field (i.e. "C:\Program Files\Webteh\BSplayer\bsplayer.exe"), then add the path to your movie (i.e.: "C:\Movies\My Movie.avi") and then these two words -fs -eend.
-fs will start the movie in full screen mode, and -eend will close BSplayer after the movie ends.
Now you should have a command line as these one:
"C:\Program Files\Webteh\BSplayer\bsplayer.exe" "C:\Movies\My Movie.avi" -fs -eend
Now press OK to save the settings. Press F5 and click on the ActionButton to test your new StartMovieSlideShow.
I tried myself and it worked.

2. I'm using Office 2003 too, but my version is in Italian, so maybe the options I told you may differ a bit (I translated them directly from Italian into English).
Probably if you'll follow PP help section instructions they will be more detailed than mine.
Press F1 in PP and search for "Movies Problems" or "Solve Movies" (I don't know how it is indexed in the English edition).
As I told you, select "Object..." from the "Insert" menu item.
Then select "Multimedia clip" (or Media clip, or Clip media or something similar, I don't have the english version..) and be sure the "Create new" option is selected. Press OK. From the "Insert clipboard" menu item choose the first option (Video for Windows...) and then select the file you want to add to your slideshow. To play it simply press the Play button on the multimedia toolbar (just below the menu). If you want to place the clip in a different position, then click outside the movie region and then drag it everywhere you want to.

I hope this will be enough for you to play the movie you want, and regarding the MCI thing as I said I'll look into it and probably it will be notified to the developpers. Thank you

Let me know if it worked, bye

Maybe also take a look at this link (read all) and also follow the one from Andrew May on the Microsoft site
BSP SkinMaker (v1.07) the one and only Skin Editor for BSplayer
BSP Definitions Manager (v1.02)
BS.Player's FAQ (by BSPeter) | Italian language file (v2.57 build 1051)
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