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Originally Posted by Tizio
For the video side I think you need a video decoder, install ffdshaow and see it things changes.
For the audio, with BS.Player Pro you can set the audio in line of your choice. Open the device (right-click -> Open device...) then configure the audio input as Line-in (right-click -> Capture settings -> Audio [Input] -> Line-in)
I should have ffdshow from K-Lite Codec Full v2.77. How can I check that BSplayer is using it? I know I see its system tray icon with Media Players.

As for Audio input, I have to select "Analog Mix [Line/CD/Aux/TAD/PC)" if I want Line In. Is that correct? I have a screen shot of the capture settings and black screen (windowed):

I also noticed if the capture window is already up/showing and I try to reopen device, I get "Error." Not sure if that is normal.
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