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Originally Posted by Tizio
Well, I'm not sure...I have different choices :P
If you select that input, I fear that you'll get a noisy signal, but you can try..

What did you get when you select "What U hear"?
I suggest you to try them all..

To know which filter is used by BS.Player: with a movie loaded right-click on BS.Player window -> Options -> Filters -> Advanced

The error message when devices are opened multiple times will be fixed in a future release, not this week
Hmm, with Xvid, I get FFdshow. FLV doesn't use it.

As for audio, none of them did anything. HOWEVER, I discovered Line In, in my Windows XP's volume mixer/play control (the one in XP's system tray), does NOT unmute when capture device is in use. PowerVCR II automatically enables it when TV tuner is in used and disables it when it program exits. Does BSplayer Pro not enble/disable Line In automatically?
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