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Default Re: HELP! simple question......probably takes 2mins to answe

Originally Posted by syuku777
everytime i play some files on BSplayer, well,
on top left of the screen, theres these words thats really bugging me...
everytime i press simething and it shows the actions too....
i dont know whats their name so i cant search on the forum,
so, please help me and tell me how to take them off!!
It's OSD.
Go to OSD settings and uncheck "Enable OSD" (CTRL+P -> Video -> OSD)

Originally Posted by syuku777
additons....if u r really good ppl, please tell me how to fix the lag problems as well....i can play avi fine on MediaPlayerClassic, but when i play the same file on the BSplayer.... well, it lags....
since MPC can play it fine, i can assume taht i got all the codecs i need,
as well as the specs...after all,BS is suppose to be lighter tahn MPC right?
is there anyone thinks taht BS got a lot heavier tahn they used to?
i have nothing running on back ground just so u know.
My version is the latest Pro.

your help will be appreciated, thanked, and probably worshipped.....
tahnk you for your patience.
Probably you have the right codecs, but maybe BSplayer is using the wrong ones.
Check which codecs are used by BSplayer by right-clicking on BSplayer window when a movie is loaded, the click on Options -> Filters -> Advanced
There you'll see the filters used and so you'll know why the playback is lagging
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