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Default Bsplayer causes jerkiness and slutters after opening Xvids

I tried with several versions Bsplayer from 1.37 to the latest 2.14 and this situation has not been changed.

If you run Xvid files(maybe Divx also), after opening video successfully, the movie has jerkiness and slutters in the first 10 seconds of movie...

I tried this situation with several computers such as new and old computers but nothing changed.

I haven't seen this situation in Windows Media Player.

If i describe the problem in details: I double-click a Xvid movie, then it is opened successfully by Bsplayer, then it starts to play as normal, BUT Slutters and jerkiness occur in the first 10 seconds of play in Bsplayer. I mean the jerkiness may occur in 6th or 7th second or 3rd or 4th second.But the problem occurs in the 10 or less seconds.

Sometimes it happens in Windows Media Player but very rarely.

Clue: When this slutter and jerkiness occur after opening Xvids with Bsplayer, HDD activity increases and HDD light lit constant till the jerkines finishes and the movie catches syncronization.
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