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And older games/demos rulez. The new crap is just a crap...

So I fear that LCD is nothign for me. The LCD is great for text, but not for graphic nor fast FPS games. Refreshrates aroud 100Hz, necessary for proper gaming, are simply blurry / ghosty on LCD, so... useless, IMHO.

As for movies, movie encoded at 640 pixels size looks good in 800x600, but washed out stretched to 1024x768. And do not talk at all about 1280 and higher resolutions...

Movie with 800 pixels wide picture looks perfect in 800x600 resolution - if your monitor can display NICE 800x600 resolution. Quess who pushed nVidia for doublescan option! See there:

Resampling always kill quality. Hence resampling OFF is the first thing one need to check in X-Fi control pannel - it is there, no worries :)
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