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Originally Posted by jazz_man
What does flv have anything to do with veoh.
Since the previews on that site (and also on veoh site) are played in web-flash player they are probably shared as flash videos (or at least I think adicoto's thought was this)

Originally Posted by jazz_man
I don't understand, is veoh a video format? or is it the technology for which the movies are distriputed? If veoh refers to some sort of network infratstructure, than why is it nescecary to have veoh player to view certain videos?
Veoh is not a video format, nor a technology, veoh is a player built to play streamed flv videos (if the first statement was correct), it just doesn't need to be configured to play those contents. There are other video players capable to play those contents and probably bsplayer as well

Originally Posted by jazz_man
Why is it that the video's I am trying to play from the website only are 5 minutes long, unless I use veoh player?
Because they use that system as a promotial channel, if you try to open those links with a player different from veoh, you most likely will not be able to watch them, so you are "forced" to download their player to play those contents

Originally Posted by jazz_man
How do I use bs player to play the whole movies which are found at
You can only try to follow BSPeter's link and use Ico-man suggestions to achieve FLV playback in BSplayer, then open those url with BSplayer's Open url menu command.
If this method will be successful then you can use BSplayer to watch them, otherwise you have to find another method to play them with BSplayer or download veoh player :roll:
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