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Default The same as T3st3r

After a long time that I use bsplayer 2.24 without problems suddenly it started to crash when I tried to open video files giving an error as the one for T3st3r:

BSplayer v2.24.954, Unhandled exception at EIP: 0309D67E
If you click 'Close' application will be terminated.
Please report this info to the author with description what were you doing.
If you have internet connection, it's recommended to send error report, this will help us solve problems faster.
Invalid floating point operation
Call stack: 00000000,0309D67E,0040496B.

I have an athlon xp 1800+ , ati 9600xt, win xp sp2 and the codec pack 3.45 from (and till now they didn't give me any problem). So I decided to update the player to the last version 2.26 and the same for the codecpack (3.65), but the problem remained. I scanned the files with Gspot and it didn't find anything strange (codecs regularly installed). I noticed that if I decided to close the application when it reports the error it crashed, while if I decided to continue the video didn't start and I needed to press PLAY as for bender03. I noticed also the this problem happened with avi files while didn't with mpeg ones.
Wondering among the bsplayer options I noticed that the options under "video" (divx 3.11, divx 4, ffdshow properties) were greyed. So I changed the video renderer to vmr9, but the problem still remained even if the error message changed a little in the digits. So I looked in the codec options and I found h264 and divx disabled. I enabled them and the problem seems to be disappeared and in the video option of bsplayer the ffdshow properties are now selectable while the ones for dix3.11 and 4 not yet.
So do you think that the problem was in the codec?it's strange because it happened all by itself.
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