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Default BS.Player translations upload system

"Since I have not yet sent you my Italian translation I wanted to try this new upload method"

@Tizio: We would ask all translators to upload their translations via new system, regardless if they have already posted them on the forum. We will fetch translations only from automated upload system - to avoid any human error in the process, as was often the case in the past. :oops:

"Anyhow, as uploading does not repair the present situation that users will in fact still always lag at least one language-version behind. Though the latest available language-files can be included in this manner, fully up-to-date language-files can never be included in the installation-package"
"I will also continue to place my translations in the forum, thus enabling users to bring their most recent BS.Player version up-to-date. "

@BSPeter: We will publish beta version at least 2 week prior to final version, we believe this is enough time to translate, especially because only few lines are added or modified from version to version. And when the final is out and the translator notices that the spacing is wrong, he/she can re upload translations at any time - which will replace existing translation and will be included in the installation file. This way we can ensure that any translation uploaded will be quickly included in the installation, whether they be uploaded at time of beta relase or anytime later.
And sure, by all means, post your translation on forum also - if you choose to do so.

@both: We fixed your license and you should be able to upload your translations now.
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