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The IFO file contains all the information regarding the streams (audio, video, subs) contained in your VOB files (the ones you have ripped from your DVD)
If you only ripped the VOB files and not the IFO files, BSplayer will only be able to play VOB files one by one (they should weight 1GB each one, and contain more or less 1/4 of the entire movie each one, but it's not a rule), and here comes the gaps (and if this is your only problem you are lucky because sometimes you can't listen to the correct audio stream or read the subtitles with this method).
What you need is to open the IFO file with BSplayer to play it correctly (same as if you entered the DVD in your DVD drive)

If you can't copy the .IFO file from your DVD, or if it's corrupted, here below there's a method to obtain the IFO file from the VOB files (more or less the same way a reindexing software works for AVI files, but with more powerful features for DVD authoring)

Copy+paste from one of the first google results for VOB+IFO search, I only edited the download link that now points to the tool author site (it's meant for PowerDVD playback, but it applies to BSplayer too):

[Note, I have not tested this method by myself]

I am unable to play the video_ts.ifo with my power dvd player. Any suggestions?

The files you need are: VIDEO_TS.IFO & .BUP, VTS_XX_0.IFO & .BUP and the VTS_XX_X.VOB

Probably IFO structure isn't correct (PowerDVD can't handle your files). So, you need to re-create correct VIDEO_TS.IFO with the help of IFOEdit program.

Step 1. Click here to download IfoEdit. Unzip it.

Step 2. Start IfoEdit.exe, and press the button 'Create IFOs'.

Step 3. Leave the options like they are. Click on arrow to load "1st VOB of Title-set". Or just specify the first VOB file of your several VOB files. For example, VTS_02_1.VOB.

Step 4. Next, we want to have the new IFOs in the same directory, so check the box: 'Same as source'.

Step 5. Click OK. IfoEdit scans now the VOB files and collects all IFO-releated information.

Step 6. After it has finished collecting all needed information from the VOB files, it creates two new IFO files. For example, VIDEO_TS.IFO and VTS_01_0.IFO.

Step 7. Now we need to do some little modifications. Click on VTS_01_0.IFO, and you will notice that the audio and subpicture attributes doesn't have a language specified.

Step 8. To change that, double click the audio-subpicture stream. Specify the language of this stream, and click OK.

Step 9. Done for this IFO file. Because VIDEO_TS.IFO holds a copy of the title-set attributes, you need to do the same in VIDEO_TS.IFO. So select the VIDEO_TS.IFO in IfoEdit, and specify again the language for the two streams.

Done! Save now your IFO files, and enjoy your movie.
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