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From the first video ("Zira V1.wmv") BSPlayer retrieves these information: 720x576, Aspect: 11520:8640 (768x576)
The AR is 4:3, I don't know why BSPlayer multiply the width by 16, don't know why it thinks that 720x576 is 4:3 (or why wants to approximate it to the DAR instead of the SAR) and don't know why it can't divide those numbers by 288 (to get the 4:3 AR). Anyway the last dimensions (the ones in the parenthesis) are the height and the height multiplied by the DAR.

On my PC the video starts as 720x540px (4:3 Aspect Ratio)
When I press "SHIFT+1" (which is Original aspect ratio) the right size is applied (720x576)
If I press "2" (which is Zoom 100%) the size applied is 768x576

So the scenario is this one:
- When the video open ups, BSPlayer set its AR to the DAR and its size to the original width of the video per the DAR (WIDTHxWIDTH:DAR)
- When "SHIFT+1" is pressed, BSPlayer keeps the video width and then change the height accordingly to the original SAR (WIDTHxWIDTH:SAR)
- When "2" is pressed, BSPlayer sets the size to the one calculated with the DAR info (HEIGHT*DARxHEIGHT)

I think the same thing applies to the second video file.

Maybe the problem is in the coded files and not in BSPlayer, it depends on the information given by the video file.
If the PAR is stored into the video file, then BSPlayer correctly convert the SAR to the DAR by multiplying it by the PAR (so the PAR in the video files have to be changed in order for BSPlayer to correctly calculate the DAR).
Instead if the DAR is stored in the video file the DAR have to be changed in the video file since BSPlayer correctly uses that value to display the video on screen.

So, to me, it seems that the problem resides in the video files instead of in BSPlayer.
What BSPlayer devs can do to help you/us is to add an option (to be added to the Video section of BSPlayer preferences) do force the SAR (or Original aspect ratio) to be used when the movie starts.

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