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Old 23rd April 2003
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Default [XviD] Subtitle problems, with !every! XviD movie!

I've got a problem with BSplayer, because all my DivX movies are played properly on my monitor and TV with subtitles!

But when I play a Xvid movie, the playback is ok, but it NEVER shows any subtitles! :x :evil:

I use BSplayer 0.85.492, but it doesn't matter if I use another (newer) version, the problem stays the same.
This is on:
Windows XP SP1
Duron 850
512 MB RAM
GF2MX 400
Nvidia Detonator 42.92

Hopefully someone can help me with this problem, I've already tried some 100 different setting/prefs like "with overlay, without overlay" etc. etc. It all doesn't matter
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