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Angry What BSPLAYER has become! BUGS, really upset customer.

Really What BSPLAYER have BECOME!!
up untill know I used the old bsplayer 1.8 (and the best)..
I was enchanted by the new features Bsplayer PRO 2.43 have so I decided purchase it since I think bsplayer deserve it.

I WAS suprised to see a lot of BUGS:
-sometimes the subtitile is not loaded..
-part of the black bars color is sometimes perpel/pink!
-subttiles position cann't be on the black bars!
-subtitiles are intially loaded at a BIG font size for a second and then they are auto changed.
-subtitles font size are changed everytime i start a different movie! (despite the fact that I have set the font size in options>preferences>subtitiles for rhe primary/secondary subtitile so it will auto position the subtitile but it does not!)!
- the "Volume" label is in a BIG font size.

Don't get me wrong I am just saying it's very disappointing to buy a new program and regret you bought it (what you put you money on is not what you initially wanted).
posted this so you can fix the bugs because I'm still appreciate bsplayer team.
I am really hope the support here will be good.

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