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Ico-man / BSPeter-
I'm sorry I said those things. but for me bsplayer is not what it was before.
I have confidence in bsplayer team so please help me and everyone who has this problems and fix those 5 bugs/problems..
if you need more details or something else ask me.

I have 2 other bugs:
1) some settings/options are not saved!
and I have already checked the "Remember movie settings" option but it is not saved either..
(my movie start from the last position and "Remember last movies position" option is unchecked and "Remember movie settings" is checked).
2) I have HD movie file (mkv) and inside the mkv file there are subtitles..
Bsplayer automatically load the internal english subtitle (that is inside the MKV file) but I dont want it to, I want bsplayer to automatically load the external SRT subtitle that is in the same directory as the MKV file.
also what exactly does the numbers values for the "Default subtitle" DO?

-part of the black bars color is sometimes perpel/pink!
Try reducing contrast in ffdshow and/or monitor.
I use CoreAVC decoder to play MKV files, and I have already tried to reduce the contrast in coreavc and my monitor and it does not help and does not related..
this is not problem with my monitor but rather a problem with bsplayer itself! (it does not happen on media player and VLC player)
check out this pictures:
it happens on two scenarios:
1) right after I start a movie (and then it disappear whenever I move the mouse to the bottom of the screen to show bsplayer menu and then move the mouse to the movi )..
all the lower (bottom) bar is in some of perpel colour, again if I move the mouse to the bottom it show bsplayer mini menu then after mouse over the movie area it disappear! and the bar colour change to black as supposed to be.
2) right after I minimize the window (double click) and maxmize it again (double click to full screen).
-subttiles position can't be on the black bars!
Depends on renderer, in some cases subtitles can not be displayed on black bar at the bottom due to technical reasons of renderer used. Go to Preferences>Video>Renderer and change renderer.
I use EVR renderer (since I play HD mkv movies files).
how do I make the subtitles displayed on the black bars? (with the EVR renderer)?
I know I can use "Extend picture to" option, but how do I do that without it..
I dont want to change the resolution/ar/picture..
-sometimes the subtitile is not loaded..
We are not provider of subtitles, is......
Also we are planning on adding additional subtitle providers in future versions.
I have not talk about the online subtitles..
my SRT subtitles are simply sometimes not loaded..
(I load the subtitle but it sometimes just does not show up on the program although I load the subtitle)..
about the online subtitle providers, I think it's better to add this sites:

waiting for your replay.
thank you.

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