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I think i have the same problem.
Whenever i open a video file with 2 audio streams, BSplayer always plays the first audio stream regardless of any settings.

I am using:
Windows 7 Ultimate
BSplayer 2.56 build 1043
FFdshow audio and video decoders
Haali media splitter
.OGM .MP4 and .MKV files

I have tried:
<1> Changing the "default audio stream" and (lang code) option in preferences -> audio with no result. I have tried the following lang codes with "default stream" 1 to 5 (all combinations):
"jpn" "jap" "jp" "ja" "japan" "japanese" "und" and empty lang code. (without quotes of course)
I also tried changing the track and lang code in the playlist.

<2> Changing the "audio language priority" option to jpn in Haali media splitter. This did work in WMP 12, but had no effect on BSplayer.

<3> Using the plug-ins that are supposed to change the audio track upon starting playback. (links to plug-ins)
Audio tracks <- Only made "Stream 1" appear in the OSD when playing .OGM files, (normally i would have to press cycle streams twice to get the second audio stream in .OGM files) but did nothing in other files.
Plugin to set default audio stream and subtitle <- Did nothing at all and didn't save any settings changed in the plug-in configuration.

<4> Remuxing. I remuxed some files so that the Japanese audio track would appear as the first track. This worked, but i'm not going to remux all my files one at a time.

<5> Finally i tried the Gabest splitter. While this worked, Gabest doesn't allow me to set the default subtitles track with DirectVobSub.
Compared to Haali, Gabest is crap. It doesn't allow you to set anything.
(If you are wondering why i'm not using the built-in subtitles renderer, read this topic: Built-in subtitles renderer?)

Conclusion: BSplayer always plays the first audio stream when using Haali.
I have no idea why this happens, but it is quite annoying.
I really like BSplayer because it has many hotkeys, its fast, its easy to find subtitles and it can be customized in many ways. As far as i know, there isn't another player out there with these options. (if you know one, please let me know )

PS: this problem dates back to 2005?
How to make Japanese default audio stream?
Default OGM Audio Stream
Default audio stream selection, v2.30
This is a bug and needs fixing
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