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tried each new release since i posted in september 4 , a that time i installed the current version to see if it helped, but it didnt at that time, then i've tried many versions since then and i have the same issues, be it my desktop or laptop, or my mom's PC, all of them run as admin, and none of them has any access restrictions to the player directories.
i found these links (and at least 3 more that i didn't log) about this apparently the same issue.

Doesn't remember pan-scan in secondary display vista

Full screen is black
Auto Full Resize

[SOLVED] problems with full screen

need help pan and scan zoom

diffrent versions and setups in many of them, but problem looks the same, dbl-click to go to fullscreen results in big black frame with centered movie, you have to type 'o' twice to make it really full, most of the posters have remember movie settings and also most of them remember pan and scan checked, still problem doesnt want to go away.
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