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Originally Posted by BSPeter View Post
I'm not 100% sure if this is a bug in the way you describe it.
Perhaps you used "Custom position" once?
When using new subtitle parser/renderer there is a bug in thát option.
It is easy to accidentally click mouse pointer in the centre of the screen then (where the sample text is fixed/frozen).
See this bug-report:
But there is a bug anyhow!! (So I also linked to this post in my above mentioned bugs-summary).
Zatos has the same problem in as far as i can see. "
I found out that downloading subs in background is not the only thing that's buggy. I changed the font size for the subtitles which caused them to display at the top of the screen - I think where the OSD is displayed. But I disabled the 'drawing subtitles under evr' thingy and reenabled it and got them back at the bottom."
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