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Default Weird issue on Asus EEE PC


So I got this Asus EEE PC few months ago (R101D model) and I've been having a strange issue with bs player. It works perfect for an hour, and then it either freezes picture and keeps the audio going, or the picture is very slow and audio is regular. In both cases I have to kill it in task manager. The thing is right after I do that, I re-open bs player, play the movie/video from the point where it froze and it works perfect for another hour.

Some basic info, I haven't messed with absolutely any settings in bs player nor in my windows (Windows 7 Starter, came with the laptop). I just installed bs, got the popup to install missing codecs, installed them and thats it.

Now maybe I'm missing a setting somewhere? The laptop itself doesn't overheat or cause any other issues when its used for several hours in various surroundings such as Youtube and internet browsing.

Thanks for your time and have a nice day!
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