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Originally Posted by bond
Originally Posted by cjdijk
divx_311alpha.exe = Divx3
yes, you need this

MPG4VKI.INF (MPG4C32.DLL MPG4DS32.AX) = Microsoft MPEG-4
no, m$ mpeg-4 codec is the same as divx3.11 (divx3 is the hacked version)

DivX412Codec.exe = Divx4
no, divx4 decoding is included in divx5
divx4 encoding is crap

DivX.Pro.v5.0.3.exe = Divx5
yes, but the latest stable divx5 version is divx5.0.5

XviD_Install.exe = Xvid
always download the latest unstable xvid version from koepis site!

ac3filter_0_68b.exe = Ac3 sound
yes, but latest version is 0.69b!

DivXAF.0_4.exe = Antifreeze (Divx3)
hell, no

DivXG400.2_7.exe = Subtitles with MediaPlayer and SubSync
hell, no
if you want to decode subtitles use gabest latest vsfilter (2.27 at the moment)

ffdshow-20020617.exe = AntiFreeze (XVid and Divx5)
hell, ffdshow has nothing to do with antifreeze :roll: btw there are no freeze frames in xvid or divx5

Download from these locations:
i have to repeat myself:
always download only the codecs you need directly from the original developer's sites, period

all the normal user needs is
-mpeg-4 codec I need to overwrite the official MS codecs
with these patched/hacked version for some movies.
Divx5 will play them too, but it looks much worse. :shock:

-DivX412Codec.exe I Need this one for easydivx.
and works better for playing Div4 coded divx movies.
Divx5 will play them too, but it looks much worse. :shock:

vsfilter I do not know that one.
DivXG400 works fine with media player and subsync
WITHOUT INTERFEARRING with BSPlayer which plays subtitles by itself.

-ffdshow I know it is not made to prevent freezes, BUT IT DOES. 8)
I do have "Die Another Day" in Xvid format,
which does have some Freezes an some bad frames.
Without ffdshow installed, I have to manually skip some seconds
as soon the movie freezes, while the audio keeps running.
Which is VERY DISTURBING especially when I have some visitors around.
With ffdshow installed, I just see some "artifacts" during a second
as soon this point containing the bad frames appears
but IT KEEPS RUNNING, I do not have to do anything at all. :P

DivXAF.0_4 I think indeed, this one is no longer needed,
as long you have ffdshow installed, which does the same thing,
among other things, but ffdshow does work for all codecs,
not just for divx3.

The rest of your comment is okay,
I did not find any reason to go to newer versions.
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