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Default A Few suggestions for BsPlayer

First of all, let me tell you, I absolutely love BSplayer!
It has become my prime choice of watching movies on my tv through video-out (for tv only I use my DVD player.....sorry :) ). I just love the whole program, and I don't even have to get out of my chair, since it is already incorporated with WinLIRC.

Still, nothing is perfect, so here are some features/fixes, I would like:
1. Support for .idx/.ifo/.sub files, the DVD IFO and VOB native subtitle format. While I love and also use DirectVobSub it is a pain in the a** to disable it and enable it the whole time not to get double subtitles in a movie (.srt for example). I prefer BSplayer's method, since I can zoom in, zoom out, and the subtitle stays in the same place. So this would be a great help!
2. Autorecognition of multilanguage subtitles. I know these can be set in the BS ini files, but without that, it won't load any subtitles unless it has the same name as the file. Maybe a support for,, etc, so with a language abbreviation behind it.
3. Make it possible to have 1 ini file for more movies (for a movie which is CD1 and CD2, but is on HD). Because now you have to make an ini file, in there specify that it is a multiCD movie, and make another ini/bsi file for CD2 and basically copy all the information from the ini file of CD1. I think this could be done easier with doing 1 ini file for a 2/3/4/5 CD movie where all the information is found there.

Smaller wishes:
1. Have OSD messages also show up in the movie itself. Like when I pause the movie, have 'pause' show up. And 'play' on resume. Now, I only get OSD messages when a movie is first opened and started.
2. OSD messages are in the middle if the 'draw OSD messages on overlay' is checked. Bug?
3. Maybe show the movie/file name for a few seconds as an OSD when a movie/file is played
4. Some kind of word-wrapping on subtitles that would otherwise fall outside of the screen. This would ofcourse also involve ignoring any next <newlines> since then you would get a 2-3 letter line. Just a quick thought.

My biggest request would be the VOB DVD subtitle format support for BSplayer, all other is just small (probably easily remedied) requests. This also shows what a great program you have made!

Keep up the good work :D
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