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Originally Posted by jcmm View Post

Indeed, the license has defeated me, looking at my personal zone area, but this observation does not come out anywhere else.

I have tried to renew the license, even thinking about doing so for two more years, but... my security system to access the official website of this program gives me a message of danger, image attached.

This problem I already had it when I bought the program initially, and I could only buy it via paypal, but now the message of insecurity gives it me even before choosing the means of payment, so well I can do nothing. I will have to resign to continue with my current v2.62.

The security problem that existed in the purchase of this program page, already indicated in its day and I see that nothing has been done to solve the problem, still a sensitive subject.

Best regards
99.9% it is a false report. Please try to uninstall current AV and install other to see if the detection is still there. I doubt it. Our servers are running fast and safe.
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