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Originally Posted by adicoto View Post
...just 1 file with embeded chapters problems...
Very exciting! Very interesting!
Sounds like "Life is good", "Yes we can",...
Happy you!

If we had your knowledge, we would not ask for help in this forum. We would be happy too and would have no problems either.

Please share your precious knowledge how you became happy with chapters in BSplayer Windows and Android?

Please be more specific!
Which kind of file? mp4? m4a? ... or DVD? BD? AVCHD?
Which kind of chapters? How is that file prepared?

If you have an AVCHD camcorder recording "my2012vacation.m2t" and regarding chapters, a list of time values with annotation texts,
00:00:00.000 Vacation 2012
00:02:46.760 Venice...
00:37:22.000 Rome...
and you want quick chapter navigation to these points of interest in your video? I use the chf feature (which I strongly miss in the Android BSplayer app).

How do you prepare your 1 file solution? Does it also work in Bsplayer Android?

Please, provide more details. Link to manual? Link to additional reading?


P.S. I use Dean's multiAVCHD to embed my chapters into an AVCHD (BD)structure. But that is not a 1 file solution. The chapters get integrated within the AVCHD folder structure. Furthermore, BSplayer cannot play the AVCHD/BD structure but only the m2ts stream files. AFAIK there are not many players which can play AVCHD or BD structures in Windows and I know no one to play AVCHD/BD structures on Android (or iOS) phones and tablets. Therefore a good 1- or 2-file solution is very important.

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