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Originally Posted by adicoto View Post
You have a link ... with a small archive... Original file, txt and chf chapter files and one embedded chapters file. All working OK here with CTRL+B.
Phantastic! Thank you very much! You are a hero!

For me too, all working OK in Windows!
PLEASE, ASAP in Android!!!
The appended printscreen shows my results with BSplayer Pro Windows with these two files:
sample.mkv ... media file sample, NO embedded chapters
Sample.chf ... (sample/Sample ... filenames not case sensitive in Windows)
1=00:00:00.000 01 Live Show
2=00:00:16.760 02 Intro
3=00:00:35.320 03 Part1
4=00:00:44.240 04 Exit 1
5=00:00:55.560 05 The End
(My printsrcreen includes some remarks, questions and feature requests.)

Please explain the other files in the container:
Where did you use/extract this OGM style chapter file?
Sample.txt ... OGM chapter format

(In mkmerge Help, in "4.3.1. Simple/OGM style chapter files", it is called "simple" ?!
To me it is simpler than ugly HTML style format, but far away from easy readability.
To my eyes, CHF is much simpler: single line, much easier to read. CHF is only one step away from the desired reduction to a really simple text list. A list that contains nothing as the relevant information which is really needed.)

sample2.mkv ... same as 'sample.mkv' WITH embedded chapters
sample (1).mkv .. same media file sample WITH embedded chapters
Did you embed the chapters or were the chapters already embedded?

Originally Posted by adicoto View Post
... printscreen of the embeded chapters. More than that, if I click on "chapter viewer" ... doesn't show pictures of the chapters, just grey boxes...
'Vizualizator' works for my CHF. For your sample.mkv I do not get grey boxes but the expected views of the chapter start frames. Since the drop down menu list works for your embedded chapters, 'Vizualizator' should also work for you. I guess you refer to another media file where the start frames are faded out.

Originally Posted by adicoto View Post
I will install MKV merge and try to cut a portion of that show and post it for you or create a simple file. Also, that file is available in torrents, no payment needed.
I am looking forward to your results with mkvmerge. Espescially if you find it comfortable and easy to generate the embedded chapters for a chf shortlist like
00:00:00.000 01 Live Show
00:00:16.760 02 Intro
00:00:35.320 03 Part1
00:00:44.240 04 Exit 1
00:00:55.560 05 The End
if you had more than 5 chapters (The Eurovision Song Contest Final would easily need mor than 30 chapters to quickly access all highlights.)

Last night I installed mkvmergeGUI v6.2.0. In its F1 Help, "4. The chapter editor", seems the same as in my older v3.1.0 Jan 19 2010 version. To me, the chapter feature seems very powerful but complicated.

Originally Posted by adicoto View Post
Also, that file is available in torrents, no payment needed.
I am not familiar with using torrents. My Internet Explorer even silently refused to download from your recent link. On my old XT machine I got a security question, which enabled the download.

I am looking forward to your mkvmerge test and to your BSplayer for Android test. I am still interested in a short section of your long file which should contain 2 or 3 original embedded chapters.

Thanks for your help and cooperation!
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