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Originally Posted by adicoto View Post
1. Not much to understand from your screenshot as it's resolution is too low.
Sorry. reduced significantly size and resolution: from 430KB before upload down to 108,1KB after upload (~400%)!
Tomorrow I will split the screenshot in an upper and a lower half and hope that the upload to this forum will not kill as much space and resolution.

Originally Posted by adicoto View Post
2. As for the files. Sample.mkv it's the original file (part of a torrent so I couldn't modify it-it generates errors in torrent file) and for this file I've made the CHF file to test. Sample 1 it's created with MKV Merge using the second chapter file (the one you asked about) the .txt file, as MKV Merge doesn't accept CHF files. That file was also writen by me. Originally saved as Sample 2. Should be the same file.
Chapters were embeded by me, weren't there in the original file.
OK, you translated the CHF file to OGM format and fed it into MKV Merge to embed it into the original mkv file which did not come with embedded chapters.
You did not use (try out) the "4.4 Creating chapter files" of MKV merge as documented in F1 Help "4. The chapter editor".
Would be interesting if you did and how you would like this chapter editor.

Originally Posted by adicoto View Post
...In android version I don't see the option to use chapters (I use the free version, I am not sure the PRO version have support for chapters)...
There is also NO option NOR are there controls to use chapters in BSPlayer Pro Android v1.9 Build 151 (the newest version at the time of writing these lines).
BSPlayer Pro Android claims to be the "top hardware accelerated video player for Android smartphones and tablet PCs". Today it only is a "top" player lacking chapter support. It even does not support its own invention, its own CHF chapters which its already supporting in Windows for over ten years! It's hard to believe, but it's true!
Therefore, my urgent feature requests to support its own CHF feature ASAP!

By the way, I found two other "top" Android player apps which support sort of simplified CHF-like chapter variants. Probably there are even more.
Both players call chapters bookmarks and have a simple bookmark menu (comparable to BSplayer Windows chapter menu list). Instead of the better readable hh:mm:ss.msf time format both apps use milliseconds as time units and their own separator between timecode and text:
sample.bkm ... mVideo Player (needs ; as <separator>)
0;01 Live Show
16760;02 Intro
35320;03 Part1
44240;04 Exit 1
55560;05 The End

sample.mkv.bkm ... Act1 Video Player (needs <ht> horizontal tab as <separator>)
0<ht>01 Live Show
16760<ht>02 Intro
35320<ht>03 Part1
44240<ht>04 Exit 1
55560<ht>05 The End
(Note: If you copy these lines then each <ht> needs to be replaced by horizontal tab! Reason: In this forum (in all forums?) all tab characters get lost (are auto converted into a single space!))

I prefer hh:mm:ss.msf timecode and dislike milliseconds! And I would prefer the first space per line as separator!

I would prefer to stay with BSplayer Android if it had CHF support! Then I could use the same CHF in windows and in Android!
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